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  • Nylon and Spandex
  • Imported
  • Peace of Mind: Dream Sock provides caregivers with a deeper understanding of their infant’s safety and well-being through real-time health readings and timely notifications when their baby needs their attention
  • FDA-Cleared: Dream Sock is the first and only FDA-Cleared smart baby monitor and is intended for use with healthy infants between 1-18 months, 6-30 lbs.
  • Track Live Pulse Rate & Oxygen: View and track your baby’s pulse rate, oxygen, wakings, and sleep trends from anywhere and in real-time via the Owlet Dream App.
  • Know When You’re Needed: If your infant’s health readings fall outside the preset ranges, you’ll be notified in real-time through lights and sounds on the included Base Station as well as in-app notifications.

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Sleep Quality Indicator: Heart Rate
Sleep Quality Indicator: Average Oxygen
Predictive Sleep Technology
Sound and Motion Notifications
Cry Detection and Video Clips
Stream 1080p HD Video From Anywhere
4x Zoom, Wide-Angle View with Night Vision
Temperature and Humidity Readings
HSA/FSA Approved
Works with the Free Owlet Dream App (iOS,Android)

Dream Sock® - Fda-Cleared Smart Baby Monitor - Track Live Pulse (Heart) Rate, Ox

SKU: 6e2056c2-1fb9-4d79-9e8d-ff1767e5588e
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