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  • COMPLETE SAFETY - You can sleep peacefully knowing that the Nanny Monitor monitors your baby's breathing and movements while he sleeps. You will be informed when your baby's breathing falls below a dangerous threshold.
  • CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE - Nanny BM-02 has been certified as a medical device and is used in maternity wards and neonatology departments of several European hospitals.
  • LARGE SENSOR - The Nanny BM-02 sensor has a large surface area of 30 x 50 cm so that a large area of the bed can be monitored. Place the sensor under the mattress. Remember that for proper operation the sensor must rest on a flat, rigid surface (a bed with slatted frames is not suitable).
  • EASE OF OPERATION - For ease of use, the Nanny BM-02 is powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries. Insert the batteries into the control unit and attach it to the bed, place the sensor under the mattress, connect the control unit and the sensor with the cable. Every time the Nany BM-02 is switched on, it automatically checks its correct operation and the condition of the batteries.

Product Description

Key features


It is certified worldwide by medical professionals with a Class IIB Medical Certification for precise and accurate measurements of irregular breathing or a complete loss of infant breathing patterns.


The Nanny BM-02 will automatically sound an audio and visual alarm should your baby stop breathing for twenty seconds or if their breaths per minute fall below ten.


The Installation of the Nanny monitor is very easy, fast and can be done by anyone. Just as in the image the pad is installed under the mattress for the best results.

Helpful information


The mattress should not be more than 14 cm thick. If it is too thick, the sensor pad cannot capture the baby’s movements well. It’s recommended to not use mattresses made of hard material such as foam polystyrene etc.


The Nanny Baby Sensor Breathing Monitor is

suitable from birth and can be used for babies with a minimum weight of 2kg up to the age of 1 year.


Control unit, Sensor Pad, User Manual, First aid instructions, 2 hygienic wipes, Extension cable, incl. a connecting element, Plastic wall holder, High-quality batteries, Animal stickers

™ Nanny Monitor BM-02 Babyphone - Respiration Monitor/Sensor Breathing Monitorfo

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