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  • Product 1: Peace of Mind: Dream Sock provides caregivers with a deeper understanding of their infant’s safety and well-being through real-time health readings and timely notifications when their baby needs their attention
  • Product 1: FDA-Cleared: Dream Sock is the first and only FDA-Cleared smart baby monitor and is intended for use with healthy infants between 1-18 months, 6-30 lbs.
  • Product 1: Track Live Pulse Rate & Oxygen: View and track your baby’s pulse rate, oxygen, wakings, and sleep trends from anywhere and in real-time via the Owlet Dream App.
  • Product 1: Know When You’re Needed: If your infant’s health readings fall outside the preset ranges, you’ll be notified in real-time through lights and sounds on the included Base Station as well as in-app notifications.
  • Product 2: Love your Dream Sock for longer, 18 months-5 years
  • Product 2: Continue tracking sleep trends as your child grows
  • Product 2: Soft fabric sock wraps comfortably around the foot
  • Product 2: Optimized technology for up to 42 months of readings

Owlet Dream Sock® - FDA-Cleared Smart Baby Monitor - Track Live Pulse (Heart) Rate, Oxygen in Infants - Receive Notifications - Mint
Owlet Dream Sock® offers parents the ultimate peace of mind. This first-of-its-kind FDA-cleared baby monitor comfortably wraps around your baby's foot, providing real-time monitoring of your baby’s pulse rate, oxygen, sleep patterns, and more. Its advanced technology offers clinically-proven, medical-grade accuracy, while the connected Owlet Dream App delivers live readings directly to your mobile device and a nearby Base Station – both of which will notify users when your baby needs your immediate attention. With Dream Sock, experience the perfect balance of technology and safety, ultimately offering you peace of mind.
Owlet Dream Sock Extension Pack
Love your Dream Sock for longer, 18 months-5 years

Owlet Dream Sock® - Fda-Cleared Smart Baby Monitor - Track Live Pulse (Heart) Ra

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