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What Our Customers Are Saying

We stand behind our products and very proud in our custmer service. We advice you to read the reviews of our customers and thier experiance with the Nanny Movement Monitor. Not only our device gives you the peace of mind but it's actually watch carfully after your baby movments.

Peace of mind for the first months

In combination with an audio monitor, this product was everything we could have hoped for to keep an eye and an ear on our little guy. We started using it in May 2011, when he came home after his hospital stay at 36wks (he was born at 28-1/2 wks), and we just stopped using it when he was about 9 months. It was a wonderful thing to have, especially in those early days when he was still at risk for apnea.

We tested it quite a bit at first to make sure (1) that it was sensitive enough to consistently detect his breathing; (2) that it sensed only his breathing/movement and not vibration, etc. from the surroundings; and (3) that it consistently alarmed every time it failed to sense movement for the 20-second interval. On all three points it performed great -- the only flaw was that sometimes it would report movement when we stomped near the crib. However, given that most of the time we were using it when we were out of the room (and given that we normally don't go around stomping), this wasn't a problem at all.

The sensor pad is quite large, and can sense some movement outside the boundaries of the pad. It worked great for us both in a large crib and in the bassinet attachment of a Pack 'n Play (Graco Pack 'N Play Playard with Bassinet, Kensly). Aside from just recently (when he started rolling on his side to sleep) it only alarmed two times. We can't be sure whether they were false alarms or not, since he was fine when we checked on him, but we were satisfied that if something had gone wrong the monitor would have warned us.

The monitor was also helpful when we wanted to glance in and check on him, since we could just crack the door and check for the flashing green light. After a while, we actually could tell whether he was asleep or not based on the flashes: slow, steady blinking usually meant he was asleep, while quick, irregular flashes typically meant he was awake.

The battery life is superb - the first set of batteries lasted us this entire ~7 months of use. As other reviewers mention, the delay before the alarm is just long enough for you to get a few rooms away if you forget to turn it off. The alarm is *VERY* loud, and can easily be heard from a room or two away. (We felt so bad for the little guy the few times it did go off - his eyes were open *very wide* when we came in the room.)

This is the only movement monitor we purchased, so I can't say whether some of the other, lower-priced options might work just as well. I *can* say that we feel this monitor was well worth the money for the reassurance it provided.

Brian Skinn

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It’s very sensitive, it works very well. I test it once a week and I’ve never had a false alarm. It’s fool proof to set up, and sets off a very loud alarm if there’s no movement after 20 seconds

    Maddison Zeabari

Like having baby insurance and mom/dad sleep insurance
this is a great product for new and not-so-new parents. it works fantastic and is like having life insurance for your little one plus sleep insurance for the bigger ones. easy to install, easy to set-up and easy to use. I would recommend to anyone who worries about their baby.

Chris Propper

Want peace of mind? Buy this product.
My grandson was born 5wks early w/ respiratory issues. Since this was my daughter & son-in-law’s first baby, they were especially concerned going home after 4weeks in the hospital w/ zero monitoring. We tried other monitors, but living in a rural area w/o wifi, they didn’t work. Then I found the Nannypad. It’s fantastic! Easy to set up. Easy to use. It’s very sensitive, completely reliable, the alarm isn’t jarring but definitely alerts parents. I wish the hospital sent every baby home w/ this monitoring device. We all have peace of mind knowing we can sleep soundly & trust the alarm protects the baby. Worth every penny! Quality materials, thoughtfully conceived. This is the only gift I will buy new parents from now on!! Hands down the best purchase we have made.

    Miriam Wise

Great monitor.
Feel certain this saved my son's life: early on - during a period where he had a cold and was stuffy; and at 9 mo when he got hot and had rolled onto stomach and was sleeping with his face in the mattress. We're not otherwise in a SIDS risk group (no co-sleep, don't smoke, always put him down on his back). This is one of the larger under-mattress monitors available so the child is more likely to stay on rather than roll off. I like that it is NOT wireless technology. Worth every penny.

    Xavier J Coronel C

Great way to get peace of mind.
I purchased this mat because I lost a grandson to SIDS last year so when my daughter had another baby I wanted to be able to give her some peace of mind and hopefully a few good nights of sleep. This mat works both in cradle and crib and is portable so you can take it with you if you are traveling. My daughter loves it and thanks me all the time for buying it for them. You can't put a price on peace of mind. Well worth getting, I can't say enough good things about it.

Linda Chavez

It is perfectly functional! Incredibly sensitive for even slight move. (you can only touch it by finger and the pad under mattress recognize the move)
Yes, of course there are some false alarms, which movemement monitor doesnt have it? But the occurence is definitelly not big and it is worth careless sleep. In Czech Republic (country of origin) they are using those monitors in hospitals, now I understand why.

    Jan Kaderabek

 Wonderful product!
We purchased the NANNY Baby Movement European Monitor for our little grandson who was born 6 weeks premature. The monitor works perfectly and we all sleep a little better knowing the monitor will alert us if there is an issue with our grandson not breathing. A couple of time we have lifted him out of his bed and forgotten to turn off the monitor. After 12 seconds the NANNY monitor sounds the alarm to let us know it isn't detecting any breathing. Just an amazing product and worth every penny!

Jackie Benson

 Five Stars
Love this used one before for my 2nd son and now my 3rd, would recommend highly

Emma Louise Hall

This monitor has been fabulous!
I havent used the other monitors on the market because there were so many reviews about them going off for no reason. This monitor has not gone off once by mistake. And i know it works because within seconds of taking the baby out it goes off. Which means i forgot to turn it off before taking him out...oops. I feel this monitor is very accurate and makes me feel a lot safer. I will probably buy a second one for the full size crib when he is out of the bassinet.

Truddy Tucker

Very Sesitive
Easy to use and monitor. Very simple and uncomplicated. Only issue is it seems to be over sensitive. Many times my wife or I have taken our daughter from her crib and forgotten to switch it off, resulting in loud beeps followed by an alarm. A couple of times however the alarm hasn't sounded in this situation. Each time there was a floor standing fan running nearby and it seems that's what the momitor was sensing.

Craig Scully

Great investment
This monitor works really well. It's VERY sensitive to movement, so your child does not have to be moving around or right on top of the pad for it to work. When we first opened the box, we put the pad in a recliner chair to test it out, but it didn't seem to work - or so we thought as the alarm didn't go off. However, it turns out that the chair must have had a slight movement to it. When we put on the floor it went off within a short time. We've forgotten to turn it off a few times, when picking up the baby, and it really does work.....!
I was worried we were going to get many false alarms, but so far we have had none. 
I actually purchased my movement monitor from the sellers own website before it was available on Amazon, but bought a second one for a family member who was visiting for a while with her baby. I would probably prefer to buy from Amazon, but product is just the same regardless of where you buy it.
All in all - worth every penny. If something was to happen - at least you would get notified before it was too late. Investing in your child's safety can never be too expensive.

Camilla Tiller

Piece of mind.
Been using for about a month now so far it works great, it's nice having an extra monitor while we sleep.
Month five it's only gone off twice in the last five months but those two times have definitely saved the life of my child. Last night being the second the alarm sounded we both rushed in to find him facedown at the edge of the mattress and bed rail which could of had a very horrible outcome but thank jesus everything came out ok.
This is hands down the best purchase I've made when it comes to baby gear.

Kelly Peterson

Has been wonderful.
Our baby girl was a premie, so we really needed some peace of mind at night. My wife says it has been soo reassuring to be able to see the green smiley face blink with baby's movement. You don't feel like you have to get out of bed and peek over the bassinet every 10 minutes. The monitor has only gone off once, besides when we forget to turn off once we take our baby girl out of the bassinet. I am not sure why it went off the one time, when I ran to check on our girl, she has her eyes wide open and everything seemed fine, but it is still an item I would reccomend to every parent of a infant.

Phil Wheeler

 One of the best SIDS prevention mattresses on the market
It's one of the best SIDS prevention mattresses out on the market. My family has been using it for years.


Worth every penny for peace of mind. Our daughter has severe reflux and can choke easily hours after feeding. We've been using this since she was a few weeks old and honestly I wouldn't be able to sleep if we didn't have it. It has gone off twice in almost a year. Not sure if it was a false alarm or if she really had stopped breathing but either way I'm glad the alarm activated and we were able to go in and check on her. Both times she was very hard to waken so she may well have stopped breathing for a short period. This product really is a lifesaver and you won't regret buying it, we take it with us and use in travel cot too!

Jon Paul

 A true lifesaver
I bought one of these for my daughter when she had her daughter seven years ago. She had apnea episodes and this device saved her life. There is a good chance she wouldn't be here without it. Now, my daughter just had a premature son. He also has episodes of apnea. My daughter had given her Nanny away several years ago. I got her another one. It is extremely sensitive. It works wonderfully. I cannot say enough things about it. It gives everyone peace of mind. I can't thank you enough for this product. I can't imagine not having it.

Dyann Twitchell

Amazing monitor
I purchased it in Europe while visiting family. I have this monitor borrowed from my cousin, 9 years old, being used with two children. I used it with my first child and absolutely loved it. I had to return it after I was done using it, so for my second child I purchased brand new. It gives us so much piece at night and during naps. It has blinking small green light as baby breathe, red for the alarm and I believe orange for battery replacement. I had to replace the batteries two times in 1 and half year of daily use. Now I'm using it in mini crib with 5 inch spring mattress, works wonderful. It would definitely work great with regular size crib, but my opinion is, it could possibly give few more false alarms if the baby rolls to much to the side rails. The new one I've been using now for over 5 months. We had one false alarm with the first monitor I owned, because baby had stood up in the crib at night completely away from the pad. And I had to get used to turn it off before pick up baby. Specially night feedings, half sleeping, I picked up baby and forgot to turn off. Settle down started to feed and alarm goes off, pretty annoying, but my fault. Remote control would be nice. At least the alarm starts with few seconds of beepings before goes off loud. Is pretty loud. But if you have it at different level of the house plus watching tv or have music on, I would use it with combination of sound monitor just to be sure to hear it. This monitor is absolutely amazing we are extremely happy we have it.

    Lisa Selly

The best monitor hands down
This is hands down the best product for baby monitoring. Cameras are nice to see your baby. I have them and the breathe and movement one I have too and it's substandard.. This is battery operated, no wifi radiation. You place the pad under mattress and it will sense every movement and breath signalled by a green light going on and off. Twenty seconds no movement and the alarm is piercing. The pad is attached to the monitor with a phone cord. You can put a 20 foot extension cord to add distance between's included.

Van Erp

 Excellent purchase!
This mat is amazing and used in hospitals in Europe! Simple, yet very effective and fulfills its purpose! Highly recommend!

    Ileana R.

This monitor has been fabulous!
I havent used the other monitors on the market because there were so many reviews about them going off for no reason. This monitor has not gone off once by mistake. And i know it works because within seconds of taking the baby out it goes off. Which means i forgot to turn it off before taking him out...oops. I feel this monitor is very accurate and makes me feel a lot safer. I will probably buy a second one for the full size crib when he is out of the bassinet.

Truddy Tucker

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