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The Nanny is an EU certified medical device and complies with all requirements of production, storage and distribution. 

User manual

Congratulation on your purchase of Nanny baby movement monitor, please read the user manual carefully before the installation.


Find out what other moms and dads ask most often. Learn all about Nanny's functions, installation and use.

Become a retailer

Join our retail network and offer parents a unique product that provides both the safety of watching over their most precious thing and giving them the ensurence of a good night sleep. Our program is suitable both for small, medium, large retailers and online stores.

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Bought a Nanny Baby Monitor or considering buying one of our products and have a question, having an issue related to customer service.
please contact our team.

Validate your warranty

We thank you for your purchase. Please take a few minutes to validate your 2 years warranty with a proof of purchase.

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