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  • ULTIMATE PEACE OF MIND: Featuring patented Wakeup Technology to continually monitor abdominal movement and alert parents if no abdominal movement is detected, the Oma Sense smart baby monitor is a wearable baby monitor for infants that offers priceless peace of mind. Because we know being a parent can be hard enough.
  • GENTLY STIMULATES BABY: If the baby sleep monitor detects no abdominal movement for 15 seconds, a randomized series of vibrations initiates to gently rouse your little one and stimulate normal abdominal movement to resume. Unlike other sleep monitor devices, Oma Sense has no skin contact.
  • AUDIBLY ALERTS CAREGIVERS: If abdominal movement is not re-established 5 seconds after the initial alert, the baby abdominal movement monitor will initiate an audible emergency alarm to alert parents and caregivers so that they can act and respond quickly.
  • DESIGNED IN CANADA: Designed in Canada and made with medical grade materials, the Levana Oma Sense baby monitor slips comfortably over baby’s diaper, pants or buttoned-up onesie requiring zero skin contact. With zero WiFi, radio or Bluetooth frequencies, this is a baby newborn essential for infants between 0-6 months old.
  • EVERYONE RESTS EASY: A flashing blue light on the baby safety monitor unit reassures that everything is as it should be. Offering peaceful rest for baby AND parents, this baby alert monitor relieves the urge to periodically check on little ones abdominal movements through the night.

Product Description

Silently monitoring your little one’s movements, so you don’t have to.

How It Works

Power on your Oma Sense

Press the Power On button and wait until the startup sound is heard and the green battery light flashes green.

Clip Oma Sense onto your baby

Oma Sense will begin monitoring your little one's abdominal movements.

First Alert

If abdominal movements are not detected after 15 seconds, Oma Sense will gently vibrate to stimulate your baby.

Emergency Alarm

If abdominal movement does not resume after an additional 5 seconds, Oma Sense will sound a loud alarm to notify the caregiver.

  1. Medical Grade Materials

    Oma Sense is crafted from medical-grade materials, ensuring it's safe for your baby's delicate skin.

  2. All in One

    Oma Sense does not use any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth frequencies making it truly wireless.

  3. Easy One Handed Clip

    Oma Sense features a patented one-handed clip for simple attaching, adjusting, and removing.

  4. See & Hear Oma Sense Through Nala

    When used with Nala, monitor your baby's abdominal movements in full 1080P resolution.

1 Medical Grade Materials 2 No Wi-Fi, No Bluetooth 3 Simple and Secure 4 The Perfect Pair

25 years of experience designing baby monitors and listening to parents like you

  1. WakeUp Technology

    Using our revolutionary WakeUp Technology, if abdominal movements are not detected within 15 seconds, Oma Sense will vibrate to stimulate your baby and alarm to notify you that something is wrong.

  2. Worry Less. Do More.

    Oma Sense is a wearable baby monitor so advanced it detects abdominal movements every 80 milliseconds without touching your baby’s skin.

Avoid False Alarms

Correct Placement

Oma Sense should be used with pajama pants and button-up onesies, and placed above the naval area where maximum abdominal movement can be detected.

Incorrect Placement

DO NOT use Oma Sense on the upper torso, foot, back, or hip areas.

Why can’t I use Oma Sense while my baby is in a swing or car seat?

Oma Sense detects your baby’s abdominal movements. Additional movement from a swing, car seat or similar setting will affect the device’s ability to properly detect if your baby’s abdominal movements have stopped.

Why is Oma Sense not recommended for babies over 6 months old?

Around 6 months, when babies start rolling or playing with the monitor, it's best to stop using Oma Sense. When they sleep on their tummy, it may not detect abdominal movement well, leading to false alerts.

Do I need to charge my Oma Sense Battery?

No! Oma Sense includes a Panasonic 3V CR2450 coin cell battery that will last up to 30 days based on normal usage. Oma Sense let’s you know with a solid red light when the battery needs to be replaced.

Can I connect Oma Sense to my phone or Levana Video Baby Monitor?

Oma Sense, a stand-alone abdominal movement monitor, operates without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, eliminating the need for smartphone or separate Video Baby Monitor connection. For enhanced alert audibility, pair it with a Video Baby Monitor.

Levana Oma Sense Portable Baby Breathing Movement Monitor with Vibrations and Au

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