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  • FDA CLEARED - Masimo Stork is the only FDA cleared baby monitoring and alarm system that uses the same SET technology that’s been trusted in hospital NICU’s for 25+ years. And, we’re the first and only system that’s cleared for use the first day you bring your baby home.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Stork continuously monitors your baby's oxygen saturation, pulse rate and skin temperature with visual and audio alarms when oxygen saturation and pulse rate fall outside preset ranges, providing peace of mind knowing you'll be notified when your baby may need attention.
  • HOW IT WORKS - The camera not only delivers a crystal-clear picture, day or night, it transfers data collected by the Stork Sensor to the App, allowing you to view baby’s vitals like pulse rate, oxygen saturation and skin temperature in real time. The Stork App provides alerts for changes in baby's room conditions and sleep position.
  • COMFORTABLE BOOT - Featuring soft, flexible medical-grade silicone, the Stork Boot is made for baby’s comfort, yet it’s reliable enough to securely house the Stork Sensor. The sensor lasts sixteen hours on a full charge and can be fully recharged in two hours.
  • CAREGIVER & FAMILY ACCESS - Give access to friends and family while controlling the level of data and details they can view. Stork Vitals+ features AES-256 bit encryption to protect you and your baby.

Product Description

Continuous Vitals Monitoring

Stork monitors your baby's vitals second-by-second so you can review your baby's oxygen saturation (Sp02), pulse rate and skin temperature and know with confidence you're seeing real time data. We don't rely on averages.

Seeing Baby Anytime From Any Where

Our QHD-capable camera works day or night and comes equipped with zoom in & pan out function􀀟 room condition monitoring, two-way audio and provides a full 24-hours of video history via the Stork App. You'll always know what your baby is up to.

Know When Baby May Need You

If your baby's oxygen saturation (Sp02) or pulse rate fall outside of preset ranges, you'll receive in-app notifications and audio alarms to let you know baby may need your attention. You can also set up alerts for changes in baby's room conditions or sleep position.

Peace of Mind

Masimo Stork is the only FDA cleared baby monitor that uses the same SET" technology that's been trusted in hospital NICU's for 25• years. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're bringing trusted, accurate technology into your home to keep an eye on your baby.

Multi-Layered Security

Stork features AES-256 bit encryption to protect you and your baby.

Accuracy You Can Trust

Masimo Stork is the most accurate baby blood oxygen level monitor on the market, including through motion, low blood circulation and any skin tone.

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Price $449.00$449.00 $155.00$155.00 $199.00$199.00
Continuous Health Data (SpO2, Pulse Rate, Tempature)
Ultra-Comfortable Boot & Health Sensor
Track Trends in Baby’s Health History
2k Quad High Definition (QHD) Camera
Masimo Stork App
Clear 2-Way Audio
Encrypted AES-256 Secure Remote Access
Caregiver and Family Access
Room Condition Monitoring

Screen images are simulated and subject to change.

Masimo Stork is not intended to replace the monitoring, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a physician or healthcare provider. Masimo Stork is not intended for use with infants and neonates previously diagnosed with cardiovascular or respiratory disease or conditions. For babies who are Oto 18 months of age and between 6 to 30 lbs.

Masimo Stork Vitals+ - FDA Cleared Smart Home Baby Monitoring System - Delivers

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